[N’-151] 성찬이랑 함께 ‘자 찍어 cheese’✌️💚ㅣ 90’s Love 뮤직뱅크 비하인드 (feat. 야자타임🔥)

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  • Viktor A Sin
    Viktor A Sin19 menit yang lalu

    Aku suka nct

  • Emma Yee
    Emma YeeHari Yang lalu

    1:00 ten and sungchan’s height difference is so cute

    WARP ITHari Yang lalu

    When Sungchan call ten "hyung" it so soft like a mashmello uwu.

    WARP ITHari Yang lalu

    YangYang start yaja time with ten is so cute hahaha ten got revenge 😂

  • Reka Jung
    Reka JungHari Yang lalu

    Winwin just so cute

  • 나현
    나현2 hari yang lalu

    어궁 귀여워...ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Patricia G. Cimeni
    Patricia G. Cimeni3 hari yang lalu

    Winwin singing is so cute 🎶😂❤️

  • Gung Mas Prabandari
    Gung Mas Prabandari4 hari yang lalu

    seeing sungchan and winwin together make my day!

  • Daria Fugurson
    Daria Fugurson5 hari yang lalu

    Did anyone notice that Ten's face was blurred when he sat on YangYang's lap?

  • Master Ravioli
    Master Ravioli5 hari yang lalu

    NGL i wish jeno would be included more😢

  • Gendis Sholihatun Diniyah
    Gendis Sholihatun Diniyah6 hari yang lalu

    5:58 Pinned! I can't move on untill rn.👌

  • yune
    yune6 hari yang lalu

    성찬이 키도 크고 잘생김. 데뷔 큰 무대서 한다. 추카추카

  • Nur Intan
    Nur Intan6 hari yang lalu

    must protect this lil boyyyy at all cost💚

  • Gaby Tornay Crespo
    Gaby Tornay Crespo7 hari yang lalu

    But seriously no one talk 5:18 Winwin look at Mark like that. 😃

  • Gaby Tornay Crespo
    Gaby Tornay Crespo7 hari yang lalu

    Mark and Haechan Chemistry is so big.

  • Dania Oktavia
    Dania Oktavia7 hari yang lalu

    Mas menang menang ngerti ga si kalo dia sendiri tu lucu banget banget banget ampe mentok :')

  • Brianna Grant
    Brianna Grant7 hari yang lalu

    Was I the only one who liked Ten's facial expression when Sungchan called him?

  • N Al
    N Al7 hari yang lalu

    Sungchan is very very very cute

    NOURI8 hari yang lalu

    IS2G sungchan’s part is my favorite part of 90’s love YOU ARE DOING GREAT MY PRECIOUS KEEP GOING

  • yenni crispin
    yenni crispin9 hari yang lalu

    Sungchan is so cute

  • 쟈기
    쟈기9 hari yang lalu

    앜ㅋㅋ 처음쪽 마크표정 기엽다

  • Ghalih Shindu Kirana A
    Ghalih Shindu Kirana A9 hari yang lalu

    Sungchan : "hyung.." Ten : "ha?" 😳 camera in here ☺☺☺ Me : kiyowooooooo😫😫😫

  • 주연page
    주연page9 hari yang lalu

    진짜 해찬이는 언제 떨꼬?

  • Please enter a name
    Please enter a name9 hari yang lalu

    Sungchan fighting ❕💖

  • Orke Salazar
    Orke Salazar9 hari yang lalu

    Sorry for what I did with you asawaque we will have ka nlng

  • Rach Linel
    Rach Linel10 hari yang lalu

    I love how sungchan just keeps up with anything. Like, he just goes with flow lol

  • Jasmin Addy
    Jasmin Addy10 hari yang lalu

    성찬 화이팅 💚

  • yhang ariane
    yhang ariane11 hari yang lalu

    90's love is so totally lit! So good!!! Hoping for more awards for them. 😍

  • KK K
    KK K11 hari yang lalu

    5:58 지금 이 순간~ 마법초롬~? 윈윈이 개귀엽다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Ndxx MX
    Ndxx MX11 hari yang lalu

    Lmao yangyang bounce

    K-POPERS12 hari yang lalu

    IOVE NCT 💖💖💖

  • Syahindah Saiful
    Syahindah Saiful12 hari yang lalu

    yangyang bounce boy why r u so cute

  • Looney Yoo
    Looney Yoo12 hari yang lalu

    Winwin: *singing* 5:59 All of us: >______

  • 릴랄라호룰루
    릴랄라호룰루12 hari yang lalu

    윈윈이랑 성찬 투샷 미첬다... 진짜 수만이의 꽃밭

  • Nana0813
    Nana081312 hari yang lalu


  • maman syurya
    maman syurya13 hari yang lalu

    i knew sungchan is the oldest

  • 형민
    형민13 hari yang lalu

    5:19 이해찬 존나 귀여워ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜ

  • Virna Chavez
    Virna Chavez14 hari yang lalu

    3:59 Sungchan is already adapted at how NCT's members frienship works xD By the way Is it just me or I hear someone in the background singing Monster of Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber at 0:12

  • Safeerah _
    Safeerah _14 hari yang lalu

    Ten looked so small next to Sungchan 🥺

  • jodohnya jeong jaehyun

    jodohnya jeong jaehyun

    13 hari yang lalu

    Yes 😂

  • Thokchom Lamjing
    Thokchom Lamjing14 hari yang lalu

    Mark I have a question for u?? Is winwin hyung that charming 😂

  • 露西
    露西14 hari yang lalu

    Ten looks soooooo short next to Sungchan hehehehhhhhh

  • kim jendeuk
    kim jendeuk14 hari yang lalu

    nct daily will be missed

  • ain e
    ain e15 hari yang lalu

    ten looks so small standing beside sungchan

  • Nova Yosepinae
    Nova Yosepinae15 hari yang lalu

    Love winwin❤️❤️

  • Peach
    Peach15 hari yang lalu

    Now haechan didn't forget bring his wallet lmao

  • Dita Febriana
    Dita Febriana16 hari yang lalu


  • 쨩뀨리
    쨩뀨리16 hari yang lalu

    1:55 마크 표정 왕귀여워

  • niketut srinadi
    niketut srinadi17 hari yang lalu

    I am from Indonesia Bali my son 6 yers old he’s name wayan he really like you guys he just hoping one day can talk or meet you one day Every day he always watching you video hope god give him change to see you and talk

  • jodohnya jeong jaehyun

    jodohnya jeong jaehyun

    13 hari yang lalu

    Halo wayan

  • huliannajace
    huliannajace19 hari yang lalu

    6:05 huli cam another whipped for winwin moment

  • AirenL
    AirenL19 hari yang lalu

    I can’t digest Sungchan calling Jeno “Hyung” lol it felt so out of place and Jeno looks so small next to him lmao

  • Anjela
    Anjela20 hari yang lalu

    sungchan kayak tertekan woilah🤣

  • jodohnya jeong jaehyun

    jodohnya jeong jaehyun

    13 hari yang lalu

    Mungkin nahan2 kebobrokan diri wkwk

  • 별빛StarLight
    별빛StarLight21 hari yang lalu


  • C H Li
    C H Li21 hari yang lalu

    Mark being adorable with Winwin❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Asri Suci ningtias
    Asri Suci ningtias21 hari yang lalu

    Haechan its crazy funny, gemoyyyy wkkkkk

  • Mook Siriphon
    Mook Siriphon21 hari yang lalu

    Cheer up baby SUNGCHAN 💚

  • EddHide
    EddHide21 hari yang lalu

    5:58 why no one is talking about this

  • hyun jean
    hyun jean21 hari yang lalu

    is it just me? Sungchan looks like Song Kang? No? no?

  • Linda Fitri Astuti
    Linda Fitri Astuti21 hari yang lalu

    Thats 지금 이 순간, 바보 처럼... 으앜..

  • the schient_
    the schient_22 hari yang lalu

    올해 본 애들중에 니가 제일 잘생겼다 성찬아 그거만 알아둬라

  • 아니지짜솔찌키횽새취기!!
    아니지짜솔찌키횽새취기!!22 hari yang lalu

    4:25 이마크... 왜 거기 쭈구리앉아서 꼼지락대...? 나죽ㅇ...... ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • ᄋᄃ
    ᄋᄃ22 hari yang lalu

    잘생겼다 ...

  • Lilifromtheearth
    Lilifromtheearth22 hari yang lalu

    For anyone who is wondering the song at 0:07 is 'Crush on You" by Bae173

  • Nick-E Nicole
    Nick-E Nicole22 hari yang lalu

    SungChan being nervous and trying to seem relaxed, reminds me of JungWoo's first time on stage doing _Boss._

  • Zahra Cham
    Zahra Cham23 hari yang lalu

    0:12 Someone singing Monster by Shawn & Justin in the background 🥺

  • I'mtheboss
    I'mtheboss23 hari yang lalu

    sungchan is so tall like lucass hyung

  • I'mtheboss
    I'mtheboss23 hari yang lalu

    sungchann handsomeness

  • 자 찍어 치즈
    자 찍어 치즈23 hari yang lalu

    아이고 울애기 키큰거봨𐨛 𐨛 𐌅 𐨛 𐌅 𐨛 𐌅 𐨛 𐨛𐌅 𐨛 𐌅 𐨛 𐌅 𐨛 𐨛 𐌅 𐨛 𐌅 𐨛 𐌅 𐨛 𐨛 𐌅 𐨛 𐌅 𐨛 𐌅

  • Freaky Berrie
    Freaky Berrie23 hari yang lalu

    Ten is sooooo *small* how cuteeee

  • Ela Yılmaz
    Ela Yılmaz24 hari yang lalu


  • pansy tm
    pansy tm24 hari yang lalu

    sungchan and shotaro ur doing great . and obv the rest of nct too as always since 2016

  • phenomenon
    phenomenon24 hari yang lalu

    성찬 너무 예쁘다

  • Astoria dzh
    Astoria dzh24 hari yang lalu

    8:15 Ten looks so smol 😭

  • miia bms
    miia bms24 hari yang lalu

    Winwin: "This is the moment like a magic" The whole world: AWWWWNN WINWIN YOU DID SO GOOD

  • miia bms
    miia bms24 hari yang lalu

    Haechan: "let me interview the oldest member Ten Ten hyung" Ten: **drinking his drink like a kid**

  • BLINK Lalalasa
    BLINK Lalalasa24 hari yang lalu


  • Lina C
    Lina C25 hari yang lalu

    I need more Haechan X Yangyang moments !!

  • yerimese
    yerimese25 hari yang lalu

    the whole time haechan was doing interviews to the members u can just see yang yang in the back longingly looking to see when its his turn lol I love `him

  • dentistjc
    dentistjc25 hari yang lalu

    what was the song that winwin sang i cant stop thinkin bout it

  • Anis Adila
    Anis Adila25 hari yang lalu

    Di liat" sungchan sekilas mirip luhan Oohh really" miss exo

  • kpop stan
    kpop stan25 hari yang lalu

    Yang Yang And Sungchan are almost the same like no joke 😂😂😂

  • Name
    Name25 hari yang lalu

    5:50 윈윈이 귀여워서 나 울어ㅠㅠㅜ 노래 부르고 나서 새초롬 커피 마시는거 너무 귀엽💙

  • 국국뚜
    국국뚜25 hari yang lalu

    텐~ 요즘 한국어 너무 잘해요 옹알이 터진 애기같아~

  • Citra Aprilia
    Citra Aprilia25 hari yang lalu

    Ten cute bgt asli😔💔

  • Danyl’s Studio
    Danyl’s Studio26 hari yang lalu

    I never realized how small ten is

  • Pradita Ratnaningtyas
    Pradita Ratnaningtyas26 hari yang lalu

    Mark lee ❤️❤️❤️

  • Minah La
    Minah La26 hari yang lalu

    Winwin singing is such a cutie I can’t 😭😭💕💕💕

  • Peace Solitude
    Peace Solitude26 hari yang lalu

    존나 귀여워서 눈물나

  • あやこやまこ
    あやこやまこ26 hari yang lalu

    自分用 マーク棒読みラップ 5:10 ウィン子たま 歌 5:59

  • Danixzzz
    Danixzzz26 hari yang lalu

    O chitta perto do sungchan é desse tamanico 🤏

  • oh no she didn't
    oh no she didn't26 hari yang lalu

    Find you a guy who looks at you the way Mark looks at Winwin. Yah boi is frickin whipped

  • Zoe Soong
    Zoe Soong26 hari yang lalu

    Why is it during yaja time Jeno became the youngest?? Isn't Ten the oldest?? 🤔🤔

  • Rebeka Blackwood

    Rebeka Blackwood

    16 hari yang lalu

    Jeno is 2nd oldest in 00liner

  • Rebeka Blackwood

    Rebeka Blackwood

    16 hari yang lalu

    Ten is oldest among them J

  • ilayda ildir
    ilayda ildir26 hari yang lalu

    I'm starting to believe that dreamies are scared of jeno's smiley eyes 😂i mean the way haechan comeback and didn't cut his words.

  • 소연
    소연26 hari yang lalu

    5:58 미쵸 진짜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • ilayda ildir
    ilayda ildir26 hari yang lalu

    1:54 Markhyuck *flirting* Sungchan and yang×2 : 👁️👄👁️ (am i the only one who noticed it)

  • Mj Hh
    Mj Hh26 hari yang lalu


  • Eva Raee
    Eva Raee26 hari yang lalu

    We viewers: jeno's hair...😍 And Jeno: It feels like I wash my hair with glass cleaner.

  • swati reddy
    swati reddy27 hari yang lalu

    Sungchan: minding his business Members: why are you so tall

  • Imtinan Fadhilah
    Imtinan Fadhilah27 hari yang lalu

    Itu mbaknya yg make up in kok biasa aja yak wkwk

  • salgu
    salgu27 hari yang lalu

    05:58 winwin♡

  • Megat Aina
    Megat Aina27 hari yang lalu

    Mark's face when ten did the aegyo is everything hahaha he adores ten a lot